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I sit here today on October 17th, 2016 as a Woman who has the right to vote.

It is crucial that we all partake in this historic and beautiful moment in time where those of us who have the right to vote, have the ability to change the course of history. We can take a stand on federal policy in regards to maternity leave. It’s OUR choice on abortion rights! Together, we can create equality in all areas of our life and business ventures. It all begins with one woman. Going beyond her duty, Hilary has defied the odds and worked her way to the top of the highest – and most male-dominated latter – and she needs us now more than ever!

This election season, I’ll remember that it is a privilege to be able to vote and that many women before me made it possible. Together, let’s shatter the stereotypes and let’s raise the bar for women everywhere. Let’s show girls that it’s possible for them to truly be whatever they want to be including the President of the United States. Let us utilize our privilege and continue to make history together!

Join me as we do our part by getting out there and voting this election. Do it in honor of your great grandmother’s constant struggle and fight for her equality! Do it for your future daughters equal place in society.

Do it for you.

– Phoebe Dahl


Phoebe Dahl
Daniel Smith Coleman



Phoebe Dahl
Daniel Smith Coleman

PRODUCER: Phoebe Dahl
PRODUCER / CAMERA / EDITOR: Daniel Smith Coleman