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Larry Parker, aka “Big Daddy”, established Big Daddy’s pizza restaurant in 1997, along with his wife Debbie and their sons, Casey and Jamie. Larry started this Venice Beach pizza shop because he enjoys good food and good times with good people.


In the beginning, he had a very diverse menu, serving all the favorites such as pizza, burritos, burgers, milk shakes, and ice cream that beachgoers desired. He also served many one-of-a-kind items such as their funnel cakes, cinnamon apple fries, and fried pizza. Although the cooks at Big Daddy’s were constantly trying new things, they never failed to wow their customers and win over their hearts and stomachs.


Throughout the years, Big Daddy’s has remained an iconic restaurant in the Venice Beach area. Recently revamped and remodeled, Big Daddy’s is now offering a hot new menu to the crowd of foodies that frequent the local beaches. One of the new dishes Big Daddy’s is now offering is the lobster roll, which is one of today’s most popular dishes. At the same time, they are also offering their tried-and-true favorites such as pizza by the slice, fried Oreos, and their signature funnel cakes. This Venice Beach pizza joint now offers chef-driven fare, so you can expect new menu items from time to time.


This link provides more about the history of Big Daddy’s, including the story behind the family’s business. Please visit here for more information.

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Above: Casey, Debbie, Jamie, Larry



Above: Jamie, Larry, Casey

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